Amazing Buffalo Wings

My Amazing Buffalo Wings recipe and cooking process was developed over several years from studying the recipes and techniques of many other buffalo wing cooks.  I broke down recipes that I enjoyed to analyze what made them so good and then I combined several hot wings recipes and  their key ingredients to produce an award winning wings sauce.  Through trial and error I discovered that the preparation and cooking techniques were just as important as the hot sauce to create an amazing hot wings recipe.

The Wings

The decision is yours whether to use fresh chicken wings from the butcher or to use frozen chicken wings.  I prefer the fresh cut wings from the butcher because they tend to be larger and contain more meat.  When using fresh chicken wings from the butcher, remove the wing tips and make sure you wash the meat in warm water.  If you are using frozen wings then thaw them completely before frying.  I’ve also known cooks who will use chicken drumsticks and/or turkey drumsticks instead of chicken wings. 

NOTE:  Always wash your hands, utensils, and work area after processing raw meats to avoid bacteria and cross-contamination with prepared foods.

 The Frying Method

I prefer to fry the hot wings outdoors with a wing/turkey fryer set using propane fuel.  You could fry the hot wings on a stove in a pot or pan, but it’s a lot more fun outdoors.  Always follow the safety instructions provided with the fryer.  NEVER use the fryer in an enclosed or partially enclosed area.  

A thermometer is a must!  Maintaining a constant oil temperature between 375° and 400° is the secret to great frying.  The use of peanut oil is also a must!  The flavor of the chicken from cooking in peanut oil is part of the secret to the great taste of these Amazing Buffalo Wings.

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Wing Fryer Almost Catches Church on Fire!

  It's hard to imagine and now 15 years after the fact it is comical to think about, but a good friend of mine nearly caught our church on fire while frying hot wings!

  We were members of a small group who were in charge of preparing the snacks for a church vacation bible school.  We decided to have a hot wings competition to try different wing sauces and vote to see who had the best hot sauce.  

  A good friend of mine was in charge of frying the wings.  He brought an outdoor gas fryer and set it up next to the outside wall of the church.  It was above a stairwell leading into the kitchen, and the stairwell included cubed glass blocks.  

  Well, it all started when he didn't use a cooking thermometer to gauge the temperature of the peanut oil when he heated it.  It became obvious that the oil was too hot when he dropped a full basket of frozen wings into it.  The splash over the side of the bucket caught the oil and vapors on fire and a big fireball lit up the glass blocks in the kitchen!

  Those of us in the kitchen came running out figuring on seeing the church on fire!  He was out there laughing and telling us he had the situation all under control.

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